Our Nomad team is composed of:

Serge Longueville, 58

Founder of Massage Nomad School. Practicing and teaching for 25 years. Originally psychotherapist, he became “energy massager”, therapist and health educator. Mainly trained in Asia (especially India), he teaches his exotic manual techniques in schools, spas, thalassatherapy (mineral springs), to health professionals and to individuals looking for personalized development. He has always been close to his students and listening to their comments. Thanks to his passion, his experience and his skills, he is now here to share with you his knowledge… And with an awesome staff :

Ania Bobier, 34

Another of his ancient students. Large skills and performing. Speaks german, polish, russian, english and french.

Andrea Grascher, 55

She dedicated herself to energetic treatments (Shiatsu and Samvahan massage) for 17 years in Vienne (Austria). She speaks German, French, English, Turkish and Spanish.