Ayurveda, exotic, tribal and rare massages are our specialties. Come to discover their secrets and benefits by learning them with us.
Our courses are:

Ayurveda : theory and philosophy of this massage, with many ayurvedic cares and massages ; Marmas : pregnancy massage according to Ayurveda ; Shantala baby massage ; Kalaripayat ; Samvahan vibrational healing (India)



Maya-Vayu massage (Indo/ Latino)

Vunkuwa massage (South African bush)

3 different Balinese massages (Indonesia) and Balinese cares (lulur, wraps, boreng)

Tribal Pacific massage / COMING

Traditional Thai massage and foot reflexology (Thailand)

Swedish massage(Scandinavia)

Californian massage (USA)

Hot Stone Therapy (American Indian)

Lomi-Lomi massage (Hawaii)

Egyptian massage (Africa) / COMING

Amma, Shiatsu (Japan)

Tuina massage (China)

Bowen (Australia) / COMING

Tahitian massage and Aquatic massage (Polynesia)

Maori massage (NZ) / COMING

Slimming drainage (France)

Oriental cares (Morocco) and natural esthetic / COMING

Watsu (USA) / COMING



All those procedures, known or unknown will fulfill you; you will learn the theory as well as the practice.